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November 7th, 2016 by J

Just like the rest of the celebrities’ population who has all the money in the world to last a lifetime, Summer Glau has a ton of spares for charities she is a part of and these are her way of giving back for all the success she’s been getting all these years from her career as an actress. But aside from her time and effort in making a difference, so to speak, and being a part of random strangers’ lives she also has another form of charity where she spends her time on too.

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Well, not really a charity, she just tease her lovers that she gives them her service for free in return of some hot and good times. And one of the best ways to document her nasty dealings is through these leaked sex tapes of course. Glau isn’t going to just blow this dude’s huge cock and have him plow her deep and hard in that warm cunt until he fills her with his jizz without having something to look back to. They both enjoy recording themselves especially if it’s gonna be one hardcore fuck session to last almost an entire day.

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June 20th, 2016 by J

You shouldn’t always believe what you read or what you only read, for that matter. Summer Glau may be a part of all these nice and humanitarian causes but she’s no Mother Theresa. She’s actually very far from being a goody goody who will only bring home straight As and medals but never show the slightest interest on boys because her folks often remind her that in order to have a bright future, girls should always prioritize books over boys. We don’t like to ruin the nice image Glau has been creating to be a good role model for her two younger sisters but once some naughty solo video like this one leaks, anything and everything you ever thought you knew about this seemingly shy chick will quickly be replaced with all things wild. But of course, as with other wild and naughty things, we enjoy these immensely. We like the transition for when Glau started as this shy ballerina and later on becomes a fine black swan. We will all be seeing this big change because she’s obviously proud of them and she likes to show people that she ain’t gonna be someone’s doormat for whatever purpose.

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She enjoys going wild in private but she’s also not afraid to unleash her dark side on the web especially if she knows she has done a great deal in keeping her body as pleasing as possible throughout the years. Just like any other sexy kinky chicks who’s into nasty habits, Glau likes getting filmed as she gets on with her hot business of making herself wet and her audience hungry for her tits, ass, and pussy. You wouldn’t, for a second, think that she was ever this adorable babe who wouldn’t dare get caught giving guys a peck on the cheek or holding hands with them in public because she’s all exposed in her naked glory in this leaked clip where she displays her yummy bald cunt that we all wanted to give a good stretch with our massive dicks instead of watching her spread those sexy legs wide and fuck herself with toys. But, let’s face it, she is hot as fuck and there’s nothing she can’t do to be unseen now. This kinky image of hers, pussy-playing wildly in the nude, will forever be etched in our nasty memories.

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Summer Glau may play a relentless machine in television’s Terminator: The Sarah Connors Chronicles, but in real life, she’s all woman. Just check out these raunchy Summer Glau hardcore sex pictures, you can see just how good Summer Glau is at sucking cock, among other things she’s good at.  Hearing Summer Glau get banged and moaning with pleasure for real is a wet dream come true, don’t you think? Summer is clearly enjoying these raunchy fuck sessions a lot, and not just because those cocks plundering her pussy feel so good.
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Nope, nobody’s deceiving your eyes here. These naked pictures of Summer Glau ain’t no science fiction, just pure, hardcore reality. And if there’s one thing we can glean from these hot pictures of our favorite Firefly hottie is that she’s got the backbone to take two cocks simultaneously, whether crammed in her ass or attacking both her rear and and her pussy! If that’s a feat you wouldn’t strip off for, then I don’t know what would. I mean, isn’t it hard to find a chick who doesn’t feel offended by threesomes, let alone a chick willing to go anal with two cocks at once? Combine that fact with Summer Glau being one of the hottest celebrities on television right now, with popular sci-fi shows like Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Firefly, and you’ve got a multi-talented celebrity slut who can take cock in the cunt and asshole without breaking a sweat! Now that’s hot.

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From her stint in the short-lived sci-fi series Firefly to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chroinicles, Summer Glau showed us that she’s more than just a pretty face and a sexy body, she’s one talented actress to reckon with most especially when she starts to kick some bad guy’s ass on TV. But like other celebrities, Summer gets into the spotlight once more when news of her hot and revealing nude photos started circulating and we luckily have those images where Summer Glau spreads those sexy legs and displays her hot snatch for all the world to see!

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There’s something really exciting about Summer Glau that had us all dreamy and mesmerized with the “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” star and it’s not just her alluring exotic beauty or anything else, in fact she had us all smitten and drooling when we discovered these hot and juicy naked photos of ‘Cameron Phillips’ and we were stunned on how sexy she was in her birthday suit and we just couldn’t resist having a nasty woody in between our legs! From one picture to another, Summer lashes out those provocative and seductive poses that is enough to make you go loco while looking at those gorgeous pair of titties and succulent pussy that you’d wish you can stick out your tongue and give it some licking and sucking until she convulses with sheer ecstasy! Just thinking about it gets me tingling all over and now it’s your turn to see those photos for yourselves.

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She has been rocking the sci-fi and television world with her brilliant talent in acting and now Summer Glau has been reaping the fruits of her hard work when she won a Saturn Award recently for her role as Cameron Phillips in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. But this time, Summer is definitely going to rock your world like a hurricane when we spill the beans on her and reveal some of these sleazy goodies we have about her and it is loaded with 100% hardcore goodness from start to finish… and now you get to see Cameron Phillips do the nasty deed with her sizzling hardcore pictures. I bet you’ve never seen these stuff before and you can now feast your prying eyes with one fully naked Summer having her sweet pussy lapped or fucked or see this Hollywood nymph get her pretty face dunked with creamy, white spunk after a good, hard fuck.

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